CWNU Partnership Expanded Within YSU Grounds

By Abigail Cloutier

Youngstown State University signed an agreement with Changwon National University to expand the international program to include language training and summer programs Jan. 30 at Pollock House. 

YSU has been building a relationship with CWNU since 2017 and continues to build the partnership with these new programs. The new language training program will allow Changwon students to enroll in the English Language Institute at YSU. 

The expansion also offers scholarships to Changwon students, which makes them equivalent to domestic students financially. 

Summer term programming will allow YSU students to study in Korea and give Changwon students a chance to study with YSU’s Summer in America program. 

Youngstown State University signs an agreement with Changwon National University to expand the international program to include language training and summer programs Jan. 30. Photo by Kamron Meyers/The Jambar

“This summer, we’re going to be sending [YSU] students to Changwon to study how to do business in Korea, Korean business culture, some language and some other exciting cultural and business activities,” Nathan Myers, associate provost for international and global initiatives at YSU, said. 

Myers said YSU has hosted 10 students from Changwon University since the program’s inception. 

“We really feel that this is the most important relationship that the university has with the country of Korea,” Myers said. 

One exchange student from Changwon, Junbeom Son, transferred to YSU after participating in the exchange program. 

Son, a senior mechanical engineering major, said the exchange program could be motivating for other South Korean students.

“It is a totally different culture than South Korea,” he said. “It would be a great chance for [them] to experience [the U.S.].”

Son transferred to YSU after he completed required military service in South Korea.

“After I finished my service, I kind of felt bored,” Son said. “I thought I needed new motivation, so I decided to study abroad as an exchange student and apply to Youngstown State University.”

YSU President Jim Tressel said the university is looking forward to collaborating with CWNU on the new programs. 

“We always say our world is getting much smaller,” Tressel said. “We’re collaborating and working together much more, so we’re excited for this day. On behalf of all of our students, and all of our people in the valley, we welcome you.”

Tressel received a traditional clock made of shell from the president of CWNU, Ho-young Lee. Lee received a decorative dish engraved with the YSU logo.

President of Changwon National University Ho-young Lee (left) shakes YSU President Jim Tressel’s (middle) hand, while YSU Provost Brien Smith (right) smiles for a photo. Photo by Kamron Meyers/The Jambar

“We thank you for your warm hospitality, especially President Tressel,” Lee said. “There are many exchanges of activities between Changwon National University and Youngstown State University for the last couple of years.”

The South Korean delegation included the president of Changwon National University as well as the dean of international affairs and an international coordinator. 

“A student from Changwon National University came here, and they learned a lot based upon cultures, certain qualities and STEM,” Lee said. “[I am] very much satisfied with the exchange relationship between Changwon National University and Youngstown State University.”

Tressel said this is just another step to “have our students ready for this global society.”

“With the LG Chem company coming right to the valley, there’s going to be a very natural partnership with our faculty, our staff, our students and our exchanges,” Tressel said.

The partnership will bring an electric vehicle battery production facility to Lordstown, according to a Business Journal article.

According to Tressel, he is open to internship agreements with LG Chem and the Lordstown Motors Corp. and has discussed those opportunities with JobsOhio. 

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