In which we say “Bonjour” to New Orleans…

We’ve checked out this week. This editorial was written on Tuesday. Wednesday morning, we left for The Big Easy, New Orleans. You probably aren’t going to ask anyone, “Why are those darn Jambar people going on vacation?”

Well, too bad. We’re going to give you the answer to the question you never planned on asking. We will be attending the annual National College Media Convention to learn how to be better journalists, better investigators and better at everything we do here at The Jambar. We will be submitting copies of past issues for our peers to evaluate and critique. We will be learning new techniques in everything from reporting to design to selling advertisements.

Not only does going to this convention help us, but it helps you as well. You will — if all goes as planned — be getting higher quality stories that are written with new, better techniques. Your news will cover stories in a more in-depth manner and, as a result, you will better informed.

This is also for YSU. At the NCMC, newspapers submit their best work to win awards, including Best of Show and Best of Collegiate Design. We’re only entering the Best of Show this year, — we’re entering our Oct. 15 issue that covered the Peace Race — but we’d like to think we’ve got a shot at adding to the list of recent awards that YSU has received.

This is not a vacation for us. This is three days that we are using to benefit you and YSU. Don’t get us wrong, any time off from class at this point in the semester is welcomed with arms wide open, but we’re taking this seriously.

Fear not, though, there will still be people staffing The Jambar office. Our news editor, Frank, asked us to give him a shout out for staying behind to prevent any catastrophes. One of our designers, Keeley, is going to be here to make sure that you actually have a paper to read.

We will return from New Orleans as better journalists who are more prepared to investigate, report and present news. Hopefully, our product will be better from this issue on and something that you, our readers, and YSU can be proud of.