Letters to the Editor

  • Letter to the Editor:

    By Marissa M. Gray There are certain moments in our lives which invariably separate us from ourselves. For years, we are left scraping the ashes of ourselves back together. Rape is one of these moments. I experienced this horror firsthand. I am a survivor of …

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  • Race, Freedom and Patriotism

    By Jacob Schriner-Briggs On Aug. 14, before his team’s first preseason game, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick remained seated during the playing of the “The Star-Spangled Banner.” His action was repeated but remained unnoticed until the third preseason game. When prompted, Kaepernick offered justification …

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  • Letter to the Editor: ISIS Threats

    As an international student from Saudi Arabia and also as a Muslim, I would like to say that the Pro-ISIS anti-French message, whether it’s a credible or non-credible threat does not represent us as a Muslim community. If anything we agree that ISIS is a …

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