Editor-in-Chief Application

This form is due February 23rd, 2017. Please submit additional essay and any media clips listed below to thejambar@gmail.com Thank you.

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Enter your major:

Enter your intended graduation semester:

What position do you currently hold with the Jambar?

What if any other positions have you held with the Jambar?

Will you be a full time student fall 2017 and Spring 2018?

Will you be available for the first half of Summer 2017?

Please list current or former employers from the last two years.


In addition to the application, you must also provide the following:

  • A business plan for The Jambar (500-5,000 words) that includes:
    • Overview of contributions made to The Jambar
    • Future story ideas
    • Areas of the paper that should be further developed next year
    • Goals and management ideas for The Jambar office
    • Qualities you will seek in filling staff positions
    • Strengths you will bring to the Editor-in-Chief position
    • Submission of completed copy editing test
    • 3 pieces of published work (doc x or .doc formats if possible)


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